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Upgrade experience to Windows 10

Finally got the chance to test out Windows 10. Found an old Acer 4741G lying around, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate and check out how smooth the upgrade process is. Because Windows 7 been around since 2009, a fresh install of the OS will need installation of 200+ patches.


I actually got a do a few restarts to get the 213 updates installed, with one failed update in the middle. To be fair to Microsoft, doing such massive update will only ask for trouble. After all the updates, I was hoping of the ‘Reserve you Windows 10’ icon appears on the notification area of my taskbar.

After a day of waiting while I was busy with my projects, the icon will didn’t appear. So I resolve to some goggling and found that Microsoft released an application to do a ‘forced’ upgrade of your Windows. You can get more information here.


The application gives you options to do a upgrade to your current OS or to create a installation media. So I choose the former and click Next; bummer… the following message appeared


How would I know what really happened. Again depends on some goggling around, I realize that this application does not work if you region is anything other that United States English. Mine is Malaysia English, so I head to Control Panel and make the changes on Region and Language. You should make sure that language option on both Format and Administrative tab are changed.


Then finally I can proceed, this blog post will now continue to bore you with many marine blue color application.


As usual prior to the actually installation, you have to accept the Microsoft EULA.

last check for update

More updates? This one starts to annoyed me a bit.


Finally, waiting for miracle to happened. Do note that up to this point I am still a bit worry the upgrade will fail.


Invasion of the marine blue colored app, it now taken up the whole screen doing the final installation.


Finally installation completes. note that Windows 10 takes up more resources than Windows 7, given the extra features I forgive Microsoft. But this means Windows 10 may not be more default work OS.


To my dismay, I realize Windows 10 detects my laptop manufacturer and installed junk app from them.


I head straight to install Visual Studio 2015


And I did some customization to my Start menu so that it shows me latest updates on news and weather. Smile

Well that’s it, I left the machine ran for like 3 days to get from Windows 7 all the way to Windows 10.

JavaScript Access denied error on SharePoint Online today

I getting a Access Denied Error from SharePoint Online’s init.js today whenever I access a document library and moved my mouse over the document name (screenshot below)

Will file a report Office 365 portal later.


File not found error when navigate to allitems.aspx

I got into this problem recently, initial thought is that its caused by some missing assemblies. But after removing all solutions from the server, the problem still persist. Yes, from SharePoint Designer I can see the allitems.aspx. My gut feel is that it has something to do with the permission issue on the managed account assigned to the web application. So what I did was to create a new managed account for this web application and things back to normal. So I hope it helps as this seems to be a common problem but exists in different forms.

Tech Insights 2014 – Microsoft Cloud featuring Office 365

I shared about Office 365 features and integration with Office for mobile devices

Go here to download my slides

Packt Publishing celebrates 10 years with $10 per book offer

Just found out today Packt Publishing is celebrating its 10 years anniversary and offering a special price of $10 per book for their customers for duration of 10 days! For SharePoint folks, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide got a 5-star ranking on Amazon (But head back to Packt to enjoy the discount). Now this book is only $10 so hit the link below to find out more~!

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